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Why Hitting The Snooze Button Is Bad For Your Brain... And How To Break The Habit

It’s Monday morning, in the dead of winter, and the alarm aggressively sounds sending a jolting reminder that it’s time to brave the cold and start your day. For many, rebelliously hitting the snooze button and catching a few extra winks can seem like a good idea in the moment. But is it really?
True, getting up without hitting the snooze can feel like torture in the moment, but according to science, giving in to the tempting allure of your snooze button is actually...
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7 Science-Backed Benefits of Starting Your Day With a Cold Shower

health lifestyle success Apr 11, 2019
I can’t stand the cold. And if someone had told me a year ago that cold showers would be a regular part of my morning routine, I would’ve told them they were crazy. But here I am today, writing about why I’ve incorporated this practice into my daily routine... and why you may want to consider it as well. 
One quick contextual note before we continue... my entire shower is not cold - I’m not a masochist after all. I start with a normal, hot shower, but once...
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7 Science-Backed Reasons To Start Your Day With Bulletproof-Style Coffee

health lifestyle success Apr 11, 2019
I’ll be the first to admit... I resisted bulletproof coffee for far too long because the thought of putting butter and oils in my morning cup of goodness felt like sacrilege.
But after using myself as a test subject for three months, as well as extensively researching the science behind it, I can personally attest to the many benefits gained from the practice. 

What exactly is “Bulletproof Coffee”?

If you’re not familiar, Bulletproof Coffee is actually a...
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