Developing Your Inner Leader for Outer Impact

Self-Leadership is the foundation of effective leadership.

It provides an unparalleled pathway to achievement, energizing and emboldening you to flourish and thrive.

With Self-Leadership, you're empowered to tap into your strengths, hone your skills, and unlock your full potential. 

👎 Without it, change remains elusive and challenges stay locked in place.

👎 Without it, credibility and influence decline, and team collaboration suffers.

👎 Without it, you remain stuck in unsupportive habit loops that make life unnecessarily difficult.

In fact, McKinsey & Company identified Self-Leadership as one of the core four categories required to help individuals thrive at work. While there are tons of reasons why, it all boils down to this…

Self-Leadership provides a pathway for developing the leader within, enabling you to serve and support others with confidence and purpose while equipping you with the tools and mindset needed to become a beacon of leadership excellence.

A Practionable Approach to Self-Leadership Coaching

Let’s be honest… leadership development material is everywhere. You can read articles on the internet, listen to remarkably good audiobooks, take online classes, listen to noteworthy podcasts, watch impactful TedTalks - the options are endless.

BUT, what’s missing from these sources is a cohesive framework that empowers you to systematically implement what you learn, turning your insights into supportive habits that guide your personal and professional growth.

My coaching approach solves this problem.

It leverages Practionable Leadership (practical + actionable) and exists within a 5-step framework that rests on a foundation of accountability.

Together, we’ll…

  • Determine your most pressing goals;
  • Set action steps based on those goals;
  • Track, monitor, and measure progress;
  • Break down what worked and what didn’t - and why; and
  • Make adjustments for continual course correction until your goals are achieved.

This cycle repeatedly continues throughout the coaching relationship, promoting ongoing growth, development, and mastery.

What a Standard 6-Month Coaching Package Looks Like


Getting Started

We begin the coaching process with an exploratory call to determine your overall goals and craft a customized development plan specific to your unique needs.


Both a self-leadership assessment and a strengths assessment will be completed upfront, providing insights into the areas where you excel, and shining a light on areas that can be strengthened. (Situationally, other assessments may be leveraged based on your individual case.)

Coaching Sessions

Your package includes 18 video-based coaching sessions (3 per month over 6 months), 60 minutes each in length. In addition, two “emergency calls” are included to address any critical, unforeseen issues that unexpectedly arise between sessions.

Reflect and Review

Upon completion of the initial coaching agreement, an additional session will be held to review the progress made, reflect on the current state, and determine next steps.

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What clients are saying...

"Before working with Laura Miner, I felt hopeless and defeated. I had been stuck spinning my wheels in my business and getting nowhere. Laura showed me how to play to my strengths, reframe obstacles, and create an exciting vision for my business and life. Since working with her, I finally finished writing a book I had been working on for years! Laura’s coaching sessions are like science-backed pep talks. Instead of prescribing some productivity formula I could never live up to, she helped me design habits and goals tailored to my strengths and personality. Her knowledge of human behavior, neuroscience and psychology is deep. She offers so many helpful tools as well, from her daily planner to goal worksheets to video lessons. Laura is warm, patient and passionate about your success. Think of her as your personal cheerleader — she believes in you until you start believing in yourself!”

- Dorothea Deley, Author, Entrepreneur

"The personal development I have experienced while working with Laura, and the business growth I have seen as a result, has surpassed all expectations. I am immensely grateful for Laura and the thought partnership and insightful coaching I have received. On numerous occasions, her astute, well-timed questions have stopped me in my tracks – inviting me to pause and consider what’s occurring for me at a deeper level. I have gained insight into the unconscious thought patterns that steer my behavior, which has empowered me to choose newly. Moreover, I have greater clarity around my strengths and my values and have been inspired to try on and adopt new habits during a time that represented a significant turning point for me. Partnering with Laura has not only helped me unlock my potential, it has helped me to see that potential more clearly for myself.”

- Carrie DeDonker, M.A., Independent Consultant, Entrepreneur


"Growth and development are easier to navigate since working with Laura. She is skilled in empathetic and active listening and taking her knowledge and experience to guide and coach me through significant transitions in my career. Laura’s ability to truly see and listen (body language and words) and clearly communicate her observations is extremely helpful to increase the awareness, skills and actions needed to achieve my goals. I’ve experienced many “aha” moments so far from the insights we’ve uncovered together. In just three sessions, Laura utilized evidenced based tools to help me identify my key strengths, recognize and adapt my behaviors and integrate the necessary elements to my action plan. I now have an intentional and clear path forward. I look forward to my continued partnership with Laura.”

- Sally Mohr, M.A., PMP, Program Delivery Manager

"I worked with Laura for 7 months while I was navigating an exciting (and slightly terrifying) career transition. It was an absolute game-changer! Laura has a knack for simplifying the complex and I left each coaching session with both clarity on what I needed to do, and unshakable confidence in my ability to get it done. Laura also shared countless evidence-based leadership techniques, strategies and resources that I continue to use, and share with others, on a regular basis!"

- Darin Harm, M.A., PMP, Operations Consultant

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