Laura W. Miner Leadership Development Coach

Meet Laura

Over her 30-year career (twenty-years in corporate America and the last ten years as a business coach and consultant), Laura W. Miner has experienced both ends of the leadership spectrum. Her early experiences sparked her love and passion for identifying the positive patterns that led to flourishing cultures and collective goal achievement. But over time, she grew equally intrigued by the negative behaviors that invariably led to toxic work environments and organizational implosions.  
Laura spent the bulk of her corporate career as a Sales Manager in the technologies field – a role that required her to wear the hats of consultant, trainer, facilitator, and presenter. She worked with hundreds of businesses of varying sizes, helping them to design better business practices, increase their revenues, and create heightened customer experiences. In this role, she witnessed a wide array of leadership styles and developed an increasing sensitivity toward the direct impact leaders have on their followers.
In 2009, when she made the transition from employee to entrepreneur, she naively believed that all negative leadership experiences would be in the rearview mirror. Surely, as a consultant, Laura would only encounter positive environments where rainbows and unicorns adorned every office space.
Then, it happened - the straw that broke the unicorn’s back. A succession of three contracts where she grew increasingly frustrated with, and saddened over, the repetition of a common pattern...
She’d be hired to work with a sales and marketing team who were facing business challenges, only to discover that the underlying issues originated with the organizational culture and the executive teams’ philosophies toward leadership. Though the trickle-down effect seemed obvious from her vantage point, leadership insights from a sales consultant were rarely, if ever, welcomed.
This led to a period of deep introspection where she realized that, for far too many years, she’d been part of the problem instead of the solution. She worked with companies to drive revenue through sales and marketing tactics all the while ignoring the toxic cultures that prioritized profits over people. Motivated by her desire to help companies and executives at a much deeper level, she elected to scale back her career and pursue a formal education in the leadership sciences.
Laura W. Miner speaker and trainer
Combining 30 years of experience with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and a professional certification in executive coaching from The College of Executive Coaching, Laura now works with business owners and executives helping them to develop, enhance, and strengthen individual and team leadership for amplified success.
Experience has taught her that often when a business faces challenges, it’s generally not the marketing, sales force, or product set that is at the root of those challenges. A deeper look into the company culture, leadership styles, and self-leadership competencies of those within the organization often unveils underlying challenges that must be resolved in order for an organization to achieve positive, lasting, revenue-building change.
Laura has been featured on Fox Business, American Express Open Forum, Atlanta Business Radio X, Entrepreneur on Fire, and countless others. She has been a featured speaker at such events as the Dot Com Xpo, SAM conference, and the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp, just to name a few, and is also a national best-selling author.
In addition, she recently turned her signature leadership development program into a book, which helps individuals to develop the leader within.
Laura is available for speaking events, corporate training seminars, leadership development coaching, and leadership development consulting. You can learn more about her personal leadership philosophy here or you can reach her via email using the contact page.