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For more than a decade, Laura Waage Miner served as a Sales Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, and Presenter in the technologies field. She worked with thousands of businesses of varying sizes, helping them to design better business practices, increase their revenues and create heightened customer experiences.

But in 2009, Laura grew restless of the corporate America environment and leveraged her extensive business background to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. Leveraging her 10+ years in sales and marketing, she quickly found success as a business consultant, speaker and national best-selling author.

Laura's unique method of understanding a client's business, identifying the obstacles that stand in their way, and designing and implementing actionable plans have earned her the title of "The Structured Entrepreneur”.

To complement this skill set, Laura recently returned to school to pursue a graduate degree in Organizational Development and Leadership Psychology at Gonzaga University. GO ZAGS!

Experience has taught her that often when a business faces challenges, it’s generally not the marketing, sales force or product set that is at the root of those challenges. A deeper look into the company culture, leadership styles, and mindset of those within the organization often unveils underlying issues that must be resolved in order for an organization to achieve positive, lasting, revenue-building change. 

Laura has been featured on Fox Business, American Express Open Forum, Atlanta Business Radio X and countless others. And has been a featured speaker at such events as the Dot Com Xpo, SAM conference, and the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp, just to name a few. 

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